Financial Goals and Disclosures

The Good Neighbour Foundation is dedicated to integrity of operations and ensuring that all directed funding reaches approved recipients to provide maximum support.  TGNF is currently under application submission to the US Internal Revenue Service for review and approval of 501 (c)(3) charitable organization status.  While the review has not been completed as of now, our independent accounting firm advises that our application is in order and should be approved retroactive to September 2020.


  • Provide rapid, responsible grants to needy individuals and organizations.

  • Ensure 80-85% of funding / Donations directly reach the needed individuals and organizations (Less than 15% administrative costs)

  • Promote transparency in reporting financial performance of the above 

  • Promote a positive message of Honduras and Central America as a place to be respected.  The people here work hard and desire to succeed, and your help makes it possible to do things that they need to break the cycle of poverty that results from a lack of educational opportunities.  We value that highly, and will do our best to make sure your donations are used effectively to make positive change.