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Start the CHANGE.

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Opening the door to earned opportunity for aspiring youth in Honduras.


The Good Neighbour Foundation is an organization dedicated to aiding the youth of Honduras achieve their education goals. We're here for students who have proven their ability to work hard, but struggle to find the funding to continue their education. We provide aid in the form of much needed purchases for their studies.

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

What's been happening?

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Ready for your future?

Have you worked hard in school, gotten good grades, but are now struggling to get everything you need to further your education? TGN can provide assistance, fill out an application to find out more.

“As an American business executive living alongside the citizens of Honduras for over three years, I can tell you that the wonderful men, women, and children are humble yet very diligent and intent on success. This book illustrates the point well and gives all several good points to ponder!”

Bruce Maxwell, Business Executive

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